Kids Special

Those are specially collected for kids between 7 months to 5 year. It can be used as home made celeriac. Those are prepared by referring various book like Balaji Tambe, Shishu Aahar etc. You can verify importance of listed products over the web or in any books.

  • Prepared only after your order to deliver fresh and with out any loss of vitamins and fibers.

  • Used clean and quality row material.

  • Prepared in dedicated home chakki. Not a local outsider one.

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A2 Ghee Desi Cow  (देशी गाय तुप)  1 Lit

A2 Ghee Desi Cow (देशी गाय तुप) 1 Lit

1 litPure desi, gavran cow ghee.Cow type is Gir cow.No machines and no chemical used while preparing..

Rs. 1,650 Rs. 1,800

Rice Indrayani Brown (हातसडीचा तांदुळ) 1kgs

Rice Indrayani Brown (हातसडीचा तांदुळ) 1kgs

1 kgs. 100% Natural, unpolished brown rice.  Rice type indrayani. Before white rice went thro..

Rs. 75 Rs. 80

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