1 Kgs non-polished,  home made, rare in quality and very healthy Tur dal.

This is not made in mill and hence this type of dal is not found in market.

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Sourced from Yavatmal district.

Direct benefit to farmer.

Know The Facts

Don’t chose shine over health. We have specially made this type of turvar dal only for JivhalaAgro.com customers. This type of dal is either not easily available or very costly. We have traveled to vidarbha to get this as pulse are good on dry area.

Real benefit of dal is when it is unpolished. It will not shine as compare to polished one but will be very healthy (search it).

Cost of unpolished dal is more because it has a lot of manual effort of wet, dry, split and cleaning. Due to this, no farmer try to make it.

We have promote few farmers to produce it, so that our kids, family can get healthy food and they will be directly benefited in terms of price. Try it you will defiantly feel the difference

Polished dal versus Unpolished Dal

Pulses (aka dal)  are the most important source of proteins for the vegetarians. Pulses can be used to make several other delicious cuisines e.g. Dahi Vada, Dal pakodas, Puran Poli, Khasta Kachori, imarti and many more.

You might have noticed that the stores might have several varieties of pulses, some with a shining smooth surface, while other with a rough dull luster. And, unfortunately, people tend to buy the shining dal without knowing that it is inferior to its crude version in terms of the health benefits it offers.

Before getting to the stores these pulses undergo a multi-step process of polishing that involves processing with water, oil, marble powder and leather. The process not only smoother the surface, but also adds a shiny coating.

Having lost its outer surface polished dal is inferior to unpolished dal in their taste.

For the same reason polished dal takes longer to cook, thus adding to fuel consumption in a long run.

The polishing agents used can be harmful to our health. The oil coating adds additional fat to the food, the water used comes from unreliable sources thus can contain any kind of impurities, and marble and soapstone powder are undoubtedly harmful to the intestines.

Through the polishing process dal loses a lot of nutrients and fibers, thus polished is not only less nutritious but also harmful.

In cases where dal isn’t sold for a long time, old stocks are usually sent back for re-polishing and then resold. Imagine what such a food would do to your health.

Presently unpolished dal might be costlier than polished dal only because their availability is rare and unaware people prefer polished dal. However if enough awareness is spread among people, the demand for unpolished dal would increase and that of polished dal would decrease. As a result availability of unpolished dal would increase, and hence lower cost.

Google it to learn the benefits of using unpolished dal over polished dal.

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Tur Dal - Unpolished 1 Kgs

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